Friday, May 15, 2020

05.15.2020 - Friday -

05.15.2020 - Friday - 

Check out the attached picture with earthquakes over the last 48 hours in California and Nevada … Earth’s plates are always on the move! There was a 6.5 earthquake just east of Yosemite.

  1. Math:  Unit 6 reflections.
    1. Science - Notes. / Video (in the works. Please check out the science video notes at YouTube if you have not already. I try to keep them to ten minutes and hit the main points from our biology and science studies that connect with the NGSS Standards.)
    2. Math - Unit 6, Reflections.
    3. STEM - Web search - Careers in technology.

II.  The link for attendance: 

III.  Science notes on the blog (also will be posted in the Science Google classroom.) 
B.  CNN 10 (Current Events).

IV.  Google classroom links.
A. The Google Classroom links:
    1.  Math.      o5jdv6r

    2.  Science.     xxhaswm

    3.  STEM -  yox77qa

V.  Kahn Academy log in code:
A.  The Kahn Academy class code for math:  77R2HNBX   

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