Monday, May 18, 2020

05.18.2020 - Science Notes and video link -

05.18.2020 - Science Notes - Monday - 
Assignment:  Define the vocabulary terms.
  1. Current Events:  Check out CNN 10 at.
    1. The virus doesn’t move by itself:  Covid 19 is moved, mainly, by people which is why we’re sheltering in place.
    2. Memorial Day weekend will look a bit different this year as beaches reopen but people are still required to have masks and stay six feet apart.
II.  Fungi - recap - Fungi is one of the six kingdoms of life. While many people think fungi are like plants, because of they way we see them grow, fungi are actually much more related to animals because they are HETEROTROPHS.  They do not have chlorophyll and cannot photosynthesize to make their own food. Instead, fungi send out long, thin, stalks called hyphae that secrete ENZYMES to help digest and pull nutrients from organic material.
A.  Some fungi feed only on dead things.
B.  Other fungi are PARASITIC and feed off living things.
C.  Fungi is important for food production. Among many things fungi produces …
1.  Bread.
2.  Chocolate.
3.  Citric Acid.
4.  Fermented drinks and food.

D. Fungi is important in medicine, make antibiotics that fight bacterial infection.
E.  Some fungi can caused illness.

III.  Vocabulary:  
A.  Gamete
B.  Fermentation
C. Diploid
D.  Haploid
E.  Germ-cell
F.  Fungi
G.  Autotrophs
H. Heterotrophs

IV.  When you see / eat a mushroom you’re only seeing the “fruiting body” of the fungi. The main part of the fungi is the mycelium, a network of hyphae (long, thin, tubes) that extend far beyond the fruiting body and search for nutrients. The fruiting body exists to make SPORES.

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