Friday, May 22, 2020

05.22.2020 - Friday - Daily -

05.22.2020 - Friday - 
  1. Yesterday’s daily note quiz - Arthropods! - All of the pictures from campus were arthropods, the most successful animals on the planet. Eighty percent of animal life is in the arthropod phylum.  
  2. Attendance link:
  3. CNN 10 - Current Events link:
    1. Note on hurricane season and predictions.
    2. Note on Covid and social distancing.
IV.  Math - Unit 7, lesson 3 pdf has been posted in Google Classroom.
V.  Science Notes on Arthropods today.
VI.  Google Classroom links.
A.  Math:  o5jdv6r
B.  Science:  xxhaswm
VII.  Attached:  Picture of a local arthropod, taken two days ago. Current events question; what challenges are these flying insects facing and why are bees important?  (This one wasn’t behaving like a honeybee usually does and wasn’t busy pollinating …)

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