Tuesday, December 12, 2023

12.12.2023 - Tuesday - Science Board Pics and YouTube video


Today's note home:
Today 1:00pm
Scott Forbes
Hi Scientists;
We're moving from viruses to cells with a focus on genetic diversity and mutation. We caught just ten minutes from the movie "Contagion" (2011) - a movie which did a good job of predicting some of the social and biological realities of the Covid pandemic which would hit only eight years later. Below the YouTube video, and. here, I'll link the brief scene where Dr. Mears, played by Kate Winslet, tried to get ahead of the virus and bring down the R-Value. We saw the CDC and the WHO do exactly that with Covid - 19 ... Here's the scene;
In an overview of Mitosis and Meiosis we watched the Amoeba Sisters in a brief clip ...
Our class YouTube video:
Today's notes are attached and are posted at the website... Have a nice Tuesday everyone!
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