Monday, February 12, 2024

Environmental Science - 2/12/2024 - Monday

 Environmental Science - Week #24 - 

Presentation - 

Seven Slides

  1. Last week we chose an endangered species in California and the steps being taken to save the species.  An example was given of the California Condor - A large, soaring bird that was down, in numbers, to two dozen after once ranging from Mexico to Oregon.
  2. This week - Choose a major river in California … Some examples are the Sacramento, Stanislas, American, San Joaquin ….Rivers are ecosystems and rivers can become endangered just as an animal can. One slide addressing each of the following.
    1. A map showing the course of the river.
    2. A picture of dams and/or diversion set up along the river. EVERY major river in California has been diverted or damned!
    3. Pick an ANIMAL species that depends upon the river. Name the species and include a picture.
    4. Pick a plant species that depends on the river. Name the species and include a picture.
    5. A history of the NATIVE people that depended upon the river. What did they use from the river.
    6. The future of the river. This will require a bit of reading / research. In other words, is the river being protected and are there plans for future development? 
    7. A slide dedicated to he recreational aspects of the river. If I wanted to experience your river, where would I go? How could I explore it? Motor boat? Kayak? Is there a beach for swimming? Is it mainly used for fishing?)

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