Thursday, February 8, 2024

Week #23 - Endangered Species Report - Environmental Science

 Presentation Assignment - Environmental Science - 

One slide for EACH of the following - Share when complete- 

Choose a species in CALIFORNIA that is, currently, endangered.

  1. A picture of your species with the FAMILY, GENUS, and SPECIES name - along with the common name.
  2. A picture, and description, of the HABITAT for your species. Where, in California, does your species thrive?
  3. The reason for the decline in numbers of your species. List all the factors that are putting pressure on your species. Remember to look at invasive species, habitat loss, pollution and pesticides, and other pressures on your species.
  4. Name ANOTHER SPECIES (and include it’s picture) upon which your species depends, or another species that is dependent upon your endangered animal. 
  5. What CONSERVATION EFFORTS are underway to try to save your species from extinction?
  6. A brief history of human interactions with your animal species. Have humans actively reduced the species population or is the species endangered because of some other factor(s)?
  7. The OUTLOOK for your species. Will your species continue to decline in California or are things looking up? Include numbers and / or graphs in your outlook.

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