Monday, February 26, 2024

Environmental Science - Week #25

 Environmental Studies

Group Assignment - Children’s Book - 


  1. Groups of two to three.
  2. Research: “Scholastic Reading Levels.”
  3. Research:  pdf of First-Grade leveled books.
  4. Assignment: Writing a book of eight to ten pages, inform students - AT A FIRST GRADE LEVEL OF READING -  about

- An environmental issue that we must solve. Think about all of the environmental issues we’ve seen, so far, in this class. (Plastic pollution, pesticide use which is harming pollinators, climate change from burning fossil fuel, not enough fresh water for both wildlife and growing city populations, etc.)

- EXPLAIN the environmental issue.

- Give one page of writing along with one illustration. For example, if you write a ten-page children’s book, that’s five pages of writing and five illustrations.

- All illustrations, and writing, must be FIRST GRADE LEVEL.

- Each story MUST have a possible solution to the environmental issue.

   - Consider writing a story in verse (Research Dr. Seuss.)

- Suggested stories / authors to research.

- The Rainbow Fish

- Green Eggs and Ham

- No, David!

- A Bad Case of Stripes.

- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

- If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

-  I Want my Hat Back.

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