Thursday, February 8, 2024

Study Guide - Friday's Quiz

 Study Guide: Friday’s quiz - February 9th

Friday’s quiz is open note - Since we’ve covered quite a bit of material, here’s a quick guide to the study point for the quiz.

  1. Examples of the arthropods. What animals are in the phylum and what characteristics do they share?
  2. Compound vs camera-like eyes. What is different about the eyes structure?
  3. Characteristics of spiders. Area spiders arthropods?
  4. Flowers and co-adaptation or co-evolution.
  5. The structure of the human eye. Where are the rods and cones? What is the purpose of the rods and cones? Why do we have a blind spot?
  6. Trilobites … why are they an important index fossil?  
  7. “Origin of Species” … The importance of the book and when it was published.
  8. The human eye lens. Shape and purpose.
  9. Major causes of species extinction - Case study; The Dodo Bird.

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