Monday, April 22, 2024

Eco-home slide show or document write up - 04.22.2024 - Monday - Week #32

 Eco House write-up.

  1. What PASSIVE energy saving features did you build in to your tiny house? (Name at least three.)
  2. Of your $500,000 budget; how much went to land and how much went to materials?
  3. In what region and BIOME, in California, did you choose to build your home?
  4. How many acres of land will you use for your tiny home?
  5. Will your home be connected to public water and electricity? (Why or why not.)
  6. What food are you choosing to raise on your land and how does this food item fit in with the growing climate of your chosen area?
  7. Fins a picture, online, of a small home that most closely resembles the home you chose to build.
  8. What is one UNIQUE feature of your tiny home?
  9. How will your tiny home work WITH the local environment?

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