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Environmental Science - Tuesday - 04.02.2024

 Environmental Studies

Web Search Assignment

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  1. Where in California do you plan on building your tiny house?
  2. In “The Biggest Little Farm” the family had to contend with hard-packed first when they arrived at Apricot Lane Farm. They, eventually, turned the dirt into soil. What is the difference between dirt and soil?
  3. The farmers planted cover crops. What are cover crops and how are they beneficial to the farm?
  4. In the first half of “The Biggest Little Farm” the farmers though of the coyote as a pest to be eliminated. Why?
  5. How did coyote end up helping with the balance achieved in the farm?
  6. What are the top four crops grown in California?
  7. What are the top four animals raised in California for food?
  8. California receives water from rain and depends upon a snow pack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, each year, to supply water to the state. What are the top four consumers of fresh water in California?
  9. Where does most of the precipitation fall in California in an average year?
  10. What two crops in California use the MOST water?
  11. Who decides where the limited supply of fresh water in California will go?
  12. In your small home project you’ll be asked to grow at least one, small, crop for your own use. What will you grow? Comment on the water needs of your chosen “crop.” (Is it a high-water-need crop or low-water-need food?

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