Thursday, April 4, 2024

Science - Week #30 quiz study guide

 Study Guide - Week #30 Science Quiz

  • Phylum Chordata. What types of animals does this include?
  • Organization of living things … Kingdom, phylum, etc …
  • Eclipse. Solar vs lunar. What are the relative positions of the Earth, moon, sun?
  • The Key terms from Monday.
  • When did vertebrate animals evolve?
  • Wavelength vs Amplitude.
  • Speed of sound, light, nerve impulse.
  • Life cycle of frogs.
  • Environmental challenges facing amphibians
  • Current environmental degradation caused by humans.
  • Mammals vs Reptiles. What distinguishes each group?
  • Bird evolution.
  • Reading a cladogram
  • Dinosaur extinction. When and why.

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