Thursday, April 4, 2024

Environmental Science - 04.04.2024 - Thursday

 Environmental Science

Due Friday: 04.04.2024 - Thursday - 

House project prep

  1. You’ve been as asked to design a tiny home. Our recap (The story so far.)
    1. Our budget is $500,000. This will include the land and the materials for building your house.
    2. We’ve chosen a BIOME in California where we will build our house.
    3. We’ve chosen a rough DESIGN for our house.
    4. Our house will incorporate (use) some energy saving features that, once designed into the home, we do not have to pay for each month.
    5. One food item we will raise or grow for our own use. 

II.  Today: Search California for available land to purchase to place tour home.

A.  By the end of today do a write up which includes the following.

  1. The cost of the land and the left-over money to purchase materials for your home.
  2. The location of your home.
  3. The CLIMATE conditions your home will face. Is it a desert home? Forest? Central Valley? What type of weather will your house face.
  4. The wildfire threat to your location. Are wildfires a concern? Why or why not.
  5. The flood threat to your location. Is flooding going to be a potential concern and how will that change or affect your house plan?
  6. What is the nearest MAJOR CALIFORNIA RIVER to your home? 
  7. Will your home be connected to public electricity and water or will you be generating enough electricity on your own and will you collect enough water? 
  8. How much electricity will you use (roughly) per month in your home? 
  9. A MAP … Take a screen shot and show the location, on a map of California, approximately where your home will be located.

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