Monday, December 9, 2019

12.09.2019 - Monday -

New notes and activities for the second trimester.  If you want the archived notes please email me at
12.09.2019 – Monday –
I.  Math: Ratios and Percents – Unit 3 –
         a.  Warm – up / Class work – A brief practice sheet converting ratios to percents.  Reminder: A calculator is required for this class. 
         b.  Notes:  We had some notes on visualizing rate and time using graphs and interpreting graphs of rate and time with a story. Students have to interpret rate graphs in science and math.
         c.  Homework: Be sure unit three, lesson eight is complete for class tomorrow. There are several tie-ins between the current math lessons on ratio and rate and the science unit on Punnett Squares and genetics.

II.         Science:  Unit Two – Punnett Squares and genetics.
a.    Current Events:  CNN – 10 Today. One note on the story on the US entering World War II (We study radioactivity this year and the tie-in with science was the history behind the events that led to the experiments with radioactive isotopes.)
b.    One note on the use of satellites to indicate forest fires.  (Science tie-ins with forest health as well as the program NASA – Eyes on the Earth - )
c.    ACTIVITY:  We did a genetic survey of the class (22 students) and made a Punnett Square on “Taco Tongue.”  The ability to roll the tongue is a dominant trait in humans.
d.    FOCUS:  Genotype vs. Phenotype and dominant and recessive genes.
e.    Homework: Text – Pages 12,13, and 14.