Friday, March 20, 2020

03.20.2020 - Friday -

Science / Math / STEM - 03.20.2020 - Friday - 

     Good morning! A few links and a check in for the day.

  1. Here’s the link for attendance.

II.  Have scanned and am updating the math pages this morning. Unit 6, lessons one and two.  I’ll repost the first few pages as these scans should be easier to read.

A.  MATH - Kahn Academy and Unit 6 Lessons 1 and 2.  

B.  SCIENCE - The notes and questions from pages 03.19.2020 in your third trimester notebook. Remember to write the notes and define the terms that are underlined

i.  I’ll post the pic of the tree that I drew for the assignment. A pine tree.  The leaves of pines are usually called needles. Think about the tree you drew. Why do you think the leaves have the shape they do? (Hint) Pine trees are evergreen (They do not lose their leaves in the winter) and often grown in dry or harsh environments. Needles (hard, skinny leaves) help reduce water loss.

III.  One of the technical difficulties I’m running into today. Her name is “Flower.” Our cat which needs to be updated on everything we type!    :-)

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