Thursday, March 19, 2020

03.19.2020 - Note Home -

Science / Math / STEM

     Good morning! A few links and a check in for the day.

  1. Here’s the link for attendance.

II.  Here’s the link for current events - CNN 10 -

III.  The link to a google blog for notes:

A.  Regarding the notes - Please maintain a notebook and actually write down the notes by hand, if possible. While I know it’s possible to copy out pages and place them in your notebook the reason for physically writing notes is backed by education research.
1.. The act of writing helps us remember the information.

2.  Studies have shown that people people who take notes by typing them have far less recall than people who take notes by hand.  (A local law school used to require typed notes and, recently, reverted to hand-written notes.)

3.  A reminder to please begin a new science notebook for the third trimester. We’ll review and spiral teach to be sure to recap what we’ve done in science so far this year while moving forward with the NGSS science standards.

IV.  I posted a video yesterday but may keep it to static pages (with the occasional video) as the internet seems to be struggling to keep up with the 40% greater demand this work-from-home situation has brought on.  

V.  Pages 3 an 4 of science will go up today at and the Google classrooms.

VI.  The Google Classroom links:
1.  Math.      o5jdv6r

2.  Science.     xxhaswm

3.  STEM.       yox77qa.          *Note: STEM content will be added beginning today.

VII.  For math we’re heading into Unit 6, Lesson 2.

VII.  Assessments:  We’ll have Friday assessments. It won’t be a “traditional” looking test but, instead, a reflection and review of the content. I’ll send out the first Friday assessment tomorrow morning.

Thanks and have a great day everyone!  

Scott Forbes

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