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Science Notes - 03.20.2020 - Friday -

03.20.2020 - Friday - Science - 
(Left side of notes)
  1. The water cycle and our reading for the notes - 
    1. Much of the third trimester will review some of the concepts we touched on in the first two trimesters, but we’ll go into more detail on the concepts. This is called “spiral teaching” and students remember concepts better when they are revisited and expanded upon.
    2. Your job is to be sure to define the capitalized terms.
    3. Water is the defining compound on Earth. It makes life possible because it is a wonderful SOLVENT.  Just like our planet has a north and a south pole every, little water molecule has a north and south pole. A positive and negative charge that makes each little “piece” of water like a little magnet. 
    4. Look back on all the times we sketched a water molecule on the white board in class.  It looked like a picture of “Mickey Mouse” with “ears” on one side (those are the smaller, Hydrogen atoms) stuck to the larger circle (“Oxygen.”) When we include the charge on the MOLECULE the positive is by the ears and the negative is on the other side. 
    5. In eighth grade, and in high school chemistry, you’ll learn more about the details on why these atoms “chose” to bond the way they do. However, the fact that they do bond this way is very fortunate for us here on Earth. Earth happens to be just the right distance from our STAR, the sun, so water is found here as a LIQUID.
    6. Energy from our sun drives a “Water Cycle” and water doesn’t stay “static” but, instead, water is constantly moving between the ocean basins, ground water, the atmosphere, trees and plant, and even through the bodies of all living things. Some of the water that is inside you right now was also once in other animals, in glaciers, in the ocean, floating through out atmosphere, deep in the earth, and it will continue to cycle through all of these places as long as there is a planet Earth.
    7. After Earth formed, about four and a half billion years ago, some of our water arrived in COMETS and METEORS adding to our FINITE supply.  Because water is so good at bringing minerals and other chemicals all around our Earth, there really is no such thing as “local” pollution. Once something enters the water cycle in once place, that amazing cycle brings it all over the world! For example, there was some pollution (a man-made chemical used to make rocket fuel) dumped into the ground in the desert of California thirty years ago. The ground water - part of the water cycle - has already spread that chemical out so much that it can now be found all the way in Antarctica! We are part of the water cycle, and humans can affect all parts of the planet now.
    8. Here, in California, we depend on the water cycle to deposit SNOW on the Sierra Nevada mountains each WINTER.  As SPRING approaches we measure the snow that has collected (The snowpack) and prepare for the SUMMER months when the snow acts like a big reservoir or water that slowly releases its contents during the warm season.  If there isn’t enough snow, California runs the risk of being in a DROUGHT, which could mean not enough water for crops, people, and the ECOSYSTEM.


Science – 03.20.2020 – Friday –
(Right side of science notebook.)
Thinking like a scientist. Answer the following based upon your knowledge and observations. Write at a minimum of twenty words per question justifying you answer.

I.  You were asked to draw a plant or tree. How do you think your plant or tree gets water? (Are there multiple ways for the plant to obtain water?)

II.  How does your plant LOSE water?


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