Monday, March 23, 2020

03.23.2020 - Science Notes (Left side of today's notebook.)

03.23.2020 - Monday - Science - 
Notes and reading - Left side of the notebook -
(remember to define any CAPITALIZED terms with which you are unfamiliar.)

  1. Current events: Check out the CNN 10 link:
    1. Please record two facts from today on ANY topic this time. 

II.  With our McGraw / Hill science curriculum we spent some time, already, looking at Punnet squares and genetics and the way PROBABILITY affects some of our characteristics, like eye color and if we have “floppy” or “attached” ear lobes.  Part of our assignment, today, will be to recall and review some of Inspire Science units from earlier in the school year.
A.  We also did a “mini-unit” (one week) using the movie “The Martian” to illustrate some of the science concepts from our text (microbes, water, plants, Mars and Earth, etc.) We’ll recall and review some of our “Martian” unit as we move forward with cycles and the human impact on our environment.

III.  Today, we’re going to think about the four cycles we’ve mentioned (Water, Carbon, Rock, and Nitrogen.) and how they interact with each other.
A.  The water cycle is an important part of the rock cycle.
B.  Recall … what are the three types of rock in the rock cycle?

C.  Water wears down rocks and carries SEDIMENT to lakes and oceans. Eventually, that sediment can be compacted and turned into sedimentary rock.
D.  Water has an important characteristic: it EXPANDS as it freezes. (Most substances CONTRACT as they freeze.)
E.  Recall when we studied a bit about Yosemite and Mt. Everest. One of the ways water breaks down rock is when liquid water enters small cracks in the rock and then freezes. As the water expands when it turns to ICE it pushes the rock apart.

III.  Chemistry tie in:  Water EXPANDS as it freezes partly because of those POSITIVE (+) AND NEGATIVE (-) charges. The POLARITY (Positive and negative sides) of a water MOLECULE cause the water molecules to arrange themselves in a CRYSTAL. They “line up” as water freezes and this takes up more space than the LIQUID form of water.

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