Tuesday, March 17, 2020

03.18.2020 - Wednesday - Science -

Daily Lesson – Date:  03.18.2020
Room H4 – Science / Math – Forbes

I.  Good morning: Today’s lessons are below. Please be sure to begin by clicking on the attendance link.

  1. Math:  We’re in Unit 6, Lesson 1 – “Expressions and Equations” – If you do not have the Unit 6 book they are available at Taylor, OR I will scan and post the day’s work below.
    1. Lesson 1 (Unit 6) up through page 10 only.
    2. Please maintain a math notebook while we are distance learning. The notes are posted below.
    3. Students are responsible for checking their answers the following day. Please try and keep to our “half-hour” rule.

  1. Science:  We will keep a science notebook as we have done all school year. Left-side and right-side.  The left and right side assignments are below.
    1. Date 03.18.2020 – Left Side:  We are going to continue with our study of cycles in nature. On the left side, please BRAINSTORM all the places water is found on Earth as we continue to study the water cycle.
    2. Right-side:  Definitions. Using a dictionary (on-line or one of those good, old-fashioned books … define and draw ….
      1. Hydrogen
      2. ii.Oxygen
      3. iii.Liquid
      4. iv.Chemical Bond
      5. Solid
      6. vi. Liquid
      7. vii.Gas
      8. viii.Plasma

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