Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Trimester Three - Home schooling focus.

Scott Forbes
Distance Learning Plans
Week 29 – 2019-20 School Year

  1. Attached please find;
    1. The note / cover letter that will go home to parents/students each day along with;
    2. The lesson plan template that will be used for weekly planning.
    3. The lesson plan template used for daily planning.

  1. The Math books for Unit 6 are available in H4 (my classroom) HOWEVER; I’ll scan and post a link to the following places each day (or week, as needed) so if parents/students do not want to stop by school they may access the curriculum online.
  2. The Science planning has been made with an eye towards assignments that lend themselves to completion at home with a minimum of technology or materials.
  3. Google classroom access and Google Blog site address;
    1. MATH – Google classroom code  o5jdv6r
    2. SCIENCE – Google code   xxhaswm
    3. Personal Google Blog where work will be mirrored and posted, along with links   www.pacificascience.org

  1. Office Hours:  I’ll have my browser open and will be checking and responding to emails daily, with the continued goal of less than 24-hour turnaround on answering messages.

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