Thursday, April 2, 2020

04.02.2020 - Thursday - - Daily Note -

04.02.2020 – Thursday –
     Good morning. In math some more Kahn Academy has been assigned along with the unit 6 work. Yesterday’s science notes were posted on the blog and in Google classroom, focusing on the Nitrogen Cycle. Students were asked to sketch the cycle themselves for the right side of the notes and tomorrow’s assessment will be about the four cycles we’ve talked about. (Nitrogen, Carbon, Water, and Rock.) I’ll post a sketch for the right side of yesterday’s notes as well.
     My goal today is to work on week-long packets and move beyond the day-to-day assignments.
     I hope everyone is doing well. I received some wonderful tree sketches and rock cycle descriptions. I’ll try to improve the quality of those wonderful YouTube videos J …. OK, there’s, probably, no chance I’ll make a living as a “YouTuber;” but I do hope the video clips help[ with a quick review of where we’ve been and where we’re going in science. – Thanks

I.  Here’s the link for attendance.

II.  Here’s the link for current events - CNN 10 -

III.  The link to a google blog for notes:

IV. The Kahn Academy class code for math:  77R2HNBX

V.  The Google Classroom links:
 1.  Math.      o5jdv6r

 2.  Science.     xxhaswm

 3.  STEM.       yox77qa.       

VI.  For math we’re heading into Unit 6, Lesson 5b

Thanks and have a great day everyone!  

Scott Forbes

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