Wednesday, April 15, 2020

STEM - 04.15.2020 - Wednesday -

STEM - 04.15.2020 - Wednesday - 
Please keep a “STEM Notebook” as we’ll be in this elective through the completion of the 2019-20 academic year.  We’ll be extending the computer science / programming portion of the class since it lends itself to on-line and distance learning.

  1. Pleas go to the Brainpop website (which is free right now!) at:
    1. First … Please watch the video on viruses.
    2. Next, watch the video on computer programming.

II.  A virus in biology and a virus in computer programming share the same name. Biology viruses came first but then, when we invented and began CODING computers, the term “virus” was adapted from biology because it fit so well with how a virus works in computer programming. After watching the video, in your STEM NOTEBOOK, please write the following questions and answer them based on what you know about computers, biology (from your sixth grade science class), and based on what you learned from the videos.

1.  Why does a computer need a program?
2.  What does a biological virus do inside a cell?
3.  Why do you think computer programmers borrowed the term “virus” for a piece of code that “takes over” a computer?
4.  Write down all the different types of “Code” you may have heard about, as it related to computers. For example … HTML, Java, BASIC …. etc.

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