Monday, April 27, 2020

04.27.2020 - Monday - Science / STEM notes and video lecture.

04.27.2020 – Monday –
I.  Current Events:  Link to CNN 10 …
            A.  One note on Covid 19 -  (Science and computer tie-in.)
            B.  One note on the Lunar Map….

II.  Interactive notes:  Today’s notes are meant for you (the student) to write into your notes while answering the questions the notes pose. For example, when the notes ask for a molecule name, draw and give the name of, a molecule.

III.  Molecules:  We’ve studied, and drawn, several molecules in this class this year. Draw – and name the atoms in – the following molecules;
            A.  Carbon dioxide:
            B. Water:
            C. Methane:

IV.  The study of molecules that contain CARBON is ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. While Carbon dioxide does contain carbon, usually organic chemistry references long molecules that are related to living things.

V. DNA: This is the very long molecule that contains the GENETIC CODE that runs the cells in every living thing. Usually DNA is found in the NUCLEUS.
            A.  Name a type of cell where the DNA is NOT in a nucleus.

VI.  Cells are, often, compared with factories. Even our current text refers to cells as factories. It’s a good analogy because cells male things for ORGANISMS to survive. Sometimes cells make PROTEINS, or ENZYMES, or other substances need by an organism.

VII.  A VIRUS is considered non-living by most scientists because it does not carry out METABOLISM. To survive, a virus attaches to a cell and “injects” some DNA or RNA into the cell.
            A.  Once inside the cell, the DNA or RNA takes over the cell and forces the cell to make more copies of the virus! This is what is happening with Covid19 right now!
            B.  Name three other viruses.

VIII.  Today’s science video lecture. (With a tie-in to STEM.)

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