Wednesday, April 22, 2020

04.22.2020 - Wednesday -

04.22.2020 - Wednesday - Earth Day -
  1. There will be links posted for Earth day lessons and reflections in the Google Classrooms and on the blog..

II.  The link for attendance: 

III.  I’ll be recording a video lesson today and students can ask questions via email or video link after it’s posted. I might head into our lonely classroom for better internet and a white board.

B.  CNN 10 link for current events ….

IV.  Google classroom links.
A. The Google Classroom links:
    1.  Math.      o5jdv6r

    2.  Science.     xxhaswm

    3.  STEM:  yox77qa

V.  Kahn Academy log in code:
A.  The Kahn Academy class code for math:  77R2HNBX   

VI. My goal, today, is to put out a detailed long-range lesson plan for the rest of our academic year. There is an outline plan but a more detailed schedule will be posted. Also, more math notes and corrections with a particular focus on the DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY.

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