Thursday, April 2, 2020

04.02.2020 - Thursday - Science - (left side of notes)

04.02.2020 – Thursday – Science Notes
(Left side of notebook – remember to look up, and write, the definitions of any CAPITALIZED words.)
I.  Current Events:  Two (2) please from today’s CNN 10 on the virus and/or masks.
II.  Tomorrow’s email assessment:  You are asked to write about the four cycles we’ve studied and how they interact and provide an environment for life here on Earth. The questions will be posted by 9:00 am Friday, 4/3.

III.  Reproduction on land:  When PHOTOSYNTHESIZING organisms adapted to life on land, obtaining water was not the only challenge they had to overcome. Reproduction strategies changed as well. Reproduction can happen in two ways.
         A.  Sexual reproduction.
                  1.  Involves GAMETES.
                  2.  MEIOSIS
                           i) FERTILIZATION
         B.  Asexual reproduction
                  1.  There’s no fusion (joining) of GAMETES.
                  2.  Usually, in asexual reproduction, the plant makes an exact copy of itself. Basically, a clone. Sometimes, however, there may be a MUTATION.
         C.  Current events tie-in:  When MUTATIONS occur in a corona virus, the virus might gain the ability to infect people, or other animals, more efficiently – as COVID 19 apparently has.

IV.  FLOWERING PLANTS – These are the DOMINANT plant form on land.
         A.  FLOWERS:  Produce male and female GAMETES.
         B.  POLLINATION: Occurs when the GAMETES combine.

V.  When organisms were surrounded by water – before life adapted to land – gametes could easily combine in liquid water without concern for drying out and traveling from place to place.  Now that there are land plants … I want you to think about at least two (2) ways GAMETES can “meet” on land. 


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