Friday, April 3, 2020

04.03.2020 - Friday - Daily Note

0403.2020 - Daily Note - Friday - 
  1. Good Morning - There’s a class code for STEM added below and the science reflection/quiz is going up to the blog and Google Classroom. 
    1. There will be no online lessons posted by teachers on the Spring Break week.

II.  The link for attendance: 

III.  The science reflection / quiz will focus on the interplay between the four cycles we’ve studied. 
A.  The science assignment is based on yesterday’s notes; with defining the CAPITALIZED terms and drawing a flower. We’ll identify the parts of a flower and review how traits are mixed and passed along.

B.  CNN 10 link for current events ….

IV.  Google classroom links.
A. The Google Classroom links:
    1.  Math.      o5jdv6r

    2.  Science.     xxhaswm

    3.  STEM:  yox77qa

V.  Kahn Academy log in code:
A.  The Kahn Academy class code for math:  77R2HNBX   

VI.  Have a great weekend and look for the flower update in the science notes as well as one more Kahn Academy update for math.

Scott Forbes

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