Wednesday, April 15, 2020

04.15.2020 - Wednesday - Daily Note

04.15.2020 - Wednesday -

  1. Good Morning and welcome back. Content is going up in Google Classroom and on the blog. 
    1. In MATH - Unit 6, lesson 6 is posted as a PDF in Google Classroom. The notes for this lesson will go up this morning as well.
    2. Science - Please continue to keep a SCIENCE STUDENT NOTEBOOK. Notes / reading / instructions on the LEFT side and activities / science labs / further investigations on the RIGHT side.  
      1. Assessments in science will, generally, be kept to Fridays ad will usually take the form of reflective paragraphs and summaries of the materials for that week.

II.  The link for attendance: Please click on the the attendance each morning :-)

III.  The blog ….
A.  The science we’re continuing with cycles in nature and the link to today’s current events (CNN 10) is here.

IV.  Google classroom links.
A. The Google Classroom links:
    1.  Math.      o5jdv6r

    2.  Science.     xxhaswm

    3.  STEM:      yox77qa

V.  Kahn Academy log in code:
A.  The Kahn Academy class code for math:  77R2HNBX   

VI.  The math - Unit 6 - lessons have been scanned in through lesson 6. Notes and self-correction answer keys will be scanned and posted today.

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